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Belly painting, the art of painting belly in pregnancy

Belly painting. The art of painting belly in pregnancy

The fashion of painting the belly of the pregnant had a great welcome and every year there are more women who join this fun activity in the last quarter of gestation. The art pregnant , as many already call this curious way of watching  pregnant belly  in a different way, ensures the most varied results, a nice memory and a smile on his face.

Immortalized in photographs and videos this time of gynecologist is a unique souvenir for most moms, you can choose the source of its unique design belly painting, the art of painting belly in pregnancy.

The body painting is the English word used to paint the body, but if we want to specifically paint the belly of the pregnant have to talk about belly painting , an art that decorates with unique designs bellies of pregnant women. This art has a special meaning for many women in the last stage of her pregnancy .

Artists can be professionals or relatives and friends, they can experience their creative art with the belly of the mother. The belly painting is ideal for the older children and the couple, who encourage them to engage even more with the arrival of baby activity.

Why paint the belly during pregnancy?

Anxiety about the baby’s arrival in the last quarter, when the days get longer, can be mitigated by conducting rewarding activities like this. The belly painting, the art of painting belly in pregnancy, is a relaxing activity for mom, as soft brushes hits a tingling in the belly, which is pleasant for any woman pregnant . Women who dare to paint your belly will have the opportunity to check, because art takes time.

It is important to choose harmless skin paints that do not cause irritation and can be easily removed afterwards. The most recommended are those paints are manufactured foundation, with natural ingredients, water based, and allergenic ingredients, you should consult the advisors at OB nyc for more funny ideas.

The best time to paint the belly in pregnancy

The last trimester of pregnancy is the ideal moment to paint the belly. Specifically, in the eighth month of pregnancy, the belly is beautiful to be painted because it is bulky enough to make a good drawing is firm and hard enough so that the chosen design remains smooth.

However, the shape of the belly of a pregnant can take various forms: it can be round or pointy, high or low … The form it takes depends on one side of the physiognomy of the mother in relation to the size of your baby . Therefore, even the same woman may have different ways of guts in their pregnancies.

In general, when the mother’s pelvis is narrow, the casing tends to grow back and be more beaked, since there is no space in the pelvis to accommodate the baby. Women tend to have wider hips rounder bellies. However, the position of the baby in utero and the number of pregnancies also relevant.
However, whatever the shape of your belly, there will always be beautiful with a nice belly painting of your own.

The most popular artist of the world in 2014

I know that I must not think too much to be able to guess who is the most popular artist in the world by 2014, and that is, Yes ladies and gentleman who were thinking: Taylor Swift. Singer/songwriter and actress is proclaimed as the most popular artist in the world last year, and is that why I say that Taylor has been on everyone’s lips in it comes to the music industry. He had several “scandals” as the withdrawal of their music onSpotify for thinking that Spotify was used by artists.

But… What has made it become the most popular artist of 2014?

  • Be the protagonist of scandals, theme Spotify.
  • It is the youngest composer hired by Sony/ATV Music publishing house.
  • It carries life dedicated to music, so he knows enough about the music industry.
  • He has performed with a minor role in the film “The Giver” in 2014
  • He pulled out his new album on October 27, 2014 entitled “1989”
  • That album has sold 544 000 copies in its first week
  • Their single “Brake it off” reached the top 5 in more than 20 countries in the first week of release.
  • The music video of the single said has more than 350 million views on YouTube.
  • It is the “fashion” icon.
  • etc.

This mix of things and many others has made that it be proclaimed “most popular artist of the 2014”. Many you may ask, how can measure who is most popular? As well, from Muwom, you resolve the questions:

  • How is this measured?
    Very simple, done through the count of sales in physical format, digital and streaming of every artist.
  • Who is responsible for declaring it?
    The International Federation of the industry record, better known as IFPI.

I leave here the list of the most popular artists:

1. Taylor Swift
2. One Direction
3. Ed Sheeran
4. Coldplay
6. Michael Jackson
7. Pink Floyd
8. Sam Smith
9. Katy Perry
10. Beyoncé


Some painters and sculptors who lived with great intensity every moment of their lives, often very difficult. The cinema has given the universal and popular projection that many have not reached. Movies with many awards, prizes that sometimes these artists did in life, but never in the disproportionate share with you today his works are bought, if they were alive, they would all be billionaires. We offer you to enjoy these great movies in High Definition at movie2k.io!

National Gallery (2014). Frederick Wiseman.

National Gallery

Rigorous and extensive documentary on the National Gallery in London, one of the largest museums in the world. Its director, Frederick Wiseman, is a renowned and experienced craftsman of documentaries and a firm defender of the art.


Mr. Turner (2014). Mike Leigh.

mr. turner

Biography of J.M.W Turner. Essential viewing not only for lovers to the pictorial art, if not for lovers of good cinema.


Le tableau (2011). Jean-François Laguionie.

Le Tableau

The characters of an unfinished picture decided to skip work and search for its creator. Through his adventures we encountered a critical smart social differences, all arranged through an original design inspired by the painting of Matisse, Derain, Bonnard, Picasso


Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010). Banksy.

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Personal and highly original (false?) documentary on street art.


Achilles and the tortoise (Achilles to Kame, 2008). Takeshi Kitano.

Aquiles y la tortuga

Kitano, who also writes and directs, plays an artist without talent, but enormous perseverance and passion for painting. It is first and foremost a film of its creator: extrevagante, sometimes funny and sometimes sad, but mostly different.



Click here to watch dead pool online.


The girl with the Pearl Earring (Girl With a Pearl Earring, 2003). Peter Webber.

La joven de la perla

Film careful and well-done, attentive to detail and with a great atmosphere.


Pollock (2000). Ed Harris.


Film that should interest the artist who portrays: Pollock is a talented, complex and tormented figure.


Goya in Bordeaux (1999). Carlos Saura.

Goya en Burdeos

Carlos Saura introduces us to an already old Goya, willing to review what has been his life.


The Sun of the Quince (1992). Victor Erice.

El sol del membrillo

Víctor Erice captures with her camera the process of creation of a painting by Antonio López. We therefore enter in the life of the Spanish painter, but also in the of Erice, which addresses many of the issues already raised in other of his films.


Edvard Munch (1974). Peter Watkins.

Edvard Munch

Norwegian film released directly on television, but that is very much worth.


Fraud (F for Fake, 1973). Orson Welles.


Welles used foreign film material and mixed them with pieces of footage shot by himself, in order to reconstruct the story of Elmyr d’Hory and Clifford Irving, the two most famous paintings counterfeiters of the 20th century.


Andrei Rublev (1966). Andrei Tarkovsky.

Andrei Rublev

Tarkovsky used the Russian painter Andrei Rublev biography to make a portrait of the social, political and artistic life of the 15th century Russia.


The agony and the ecstasy (The Agony and the Ecstasy, 1965). Carol Reed.

El tormento y el éxtasis

Charlton Heston plays the painter Michelangelo, Rex Harrison to Pope Julius II, and the film shows the process of creation of the Sistine Chapel, as well as the clash between these two historical figures.


The lovers of Montparnasse (Montparnasse 19, 1958). Jacques Becker.

Los amantes de Montparnasse

Biography of the painter Modigliani’sstormy life. His paintings were not appreciated, and his only consolation was alcohol and women.


The crazy red hair (Lust for Life, 1956). Vincente Minnelli.

El loco del pelo rojo

Biography of Van Gogh in which Kirk Douglas plays the tormented painter.


The mystery of Picasso (Le Mystère Picasso, 1956). H.G. Clouzot.

El misterio de Picasso

Painter threatened to jump from a 50-meters-high crane

From the top and between tears, painter called for screaming that company complies with pay debt last year.

The painter Antonio Mendoza Mayta (55) had worked hard to give you the best to his wife and children, but the company for which he worked did not pay him a debt since last year. In response, desperate, he climbed to the top of a telescopic crane of 50 meters and threatened to jump.
For more than three hours, he kept in distress people in Gemsa homebuilder which, according to him, owed him 4 thousand suns by the painted on buildings of the residential company Altozano Mirador Las Torres de la Alameda, district of Miraflores.
The man took a pre-meeting to the workday to climbing crane. From the top he shouted “pay me or I kill myself” because the company didn’t make the case.
Up to the place became the prevention of crime, Gino Valdivia Guerola, Prosecutor of PTS crane training program to persuade the man who desist from its reckless attitude.
From the 16th floor of an adjacent building, he promised that the construction company debt would be repaid once you get off the crane.
This made desist to Mendoza, who accepted and was transferred to the police station of high Misti , which yielded its manifestation. The company, hours later, complied with the cancellation of the debt. Total paid 16 thousand suns ten workers, including Mendoza Mayta.
Aware through the press, his wife and children went to their meeting and confused in a hug.
Many of the construction workers joined with his former partner. The workers claimed that they do not have with security nor receive benefits.

The tragic life of famous painters in 6 movies

There are artists who drew attention mostly for the life they had, full of shortcomings both in love and in his work, which by his own work. The death of his lover, no recognition or alcoholism, were some of the things that made them to fame and be immortalized almost as saints.

The film was not far behind and paid tribute to these characters so much to her.   Here is our top 6 films that talk about the tragic life of famous painters, you can look for them and watch movies online at movietubenow.me.


1.  Lovers of Montparnasse (1958)

Modigliani is best known for his work in African style, where portraits look elongated necks, oval faces, small eyes and twisted features. In 1912 his name began to reach the ears of well-established artists such as Picasso, Jean Cocteau, Soutine, Rivera, Gertrude Stein, among others, who called it “Modi” (say it sounds great, but in reality means cursed).

The film portrays the difficulties experienced by the painter, as the constant malbarate that made ​​their works to get some money and so pay his fondness for alcohol and drugs, until his stormy love with Jeanne, a girl aged 19 who committed suicide after the painter’s death from tuberculosis.


2.  Basquiat (1996)

After wandering through the streets and even live in them, Jean Michel Basquiat was an expert in the art world to look at him for his graffiti in Brooklyn, which he signed as “SAMO” (Same Old Shit).

Sponsored by Andy Warhol and Deborah Harry, who bought him his first painting, Basquiat became the first African American artist most famous as well as the youngest to reach important galleries. However, their success did not make it handle and fell into the world of drugs, died at age 27 of an overdose of heroin.

The film directed by Julian Schnabel, has starring Jeffrey Wright, who plays Basquiat and David Bowie as Andy Warhol. The cast also includes Gary Oldman, Michael Wincot, Dennis Hopper, Claire Forlani, Courtney Love and Benicio del Toro.


3.  Toulouse-Lautrec (1998)


This film portrays the life of the painter, lithographer, French designer, post-impressionist and considered a pioneer of Expressionism, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, who stressed realism in his works and his anti sentimentality

Lover of the nightlife of the Belle Epoque, Toulouse was regular visitor to brothels Moulin Rouge, Le Chat Noir and Le Moulin de la Galette , where he found the perfect scenes to express their opposition to the bourgeoisie. Under the idea of presenting reality as it is, leaving the aesthetic and technical background, painted dancers, prostitutes and singers in their environments, he referred to these women saying: “They themselves living”.

His life in these places, in the end made him sharpen his syphilis and alcoholism, to the point of losing consciousness several times on the street. In his later years Lautrec’s health was deteriorating more and diagnosis of neurosis and depression are added, which ended his life in 1901.


 4. The Night Watch (2007)

After positioning itself as one of the most important painters in the Netherlands, Rembrandt had the privilege to choose what would your orders. One of his last, and they did catapult in art history, was the portrait asked Arcabuceros Corporation Amsterdam in 1642.

The piece is called The Night Watch,  and from this the director Peter Greenaway named movie in which he recounted the last stage of Rembrandt: the decline of his career because of the box in which denounced the corruption and guilt of merchants murder in the death of his wife and child while doing it, and it ended poverty.


5. The Lust (1956)

Based on the homonymous novel by Irving Stone, the film directed by Vincente Minnelli tells the life of the Impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh, from its beginnings in the fields portraying the daily life of the peasants; his tour of Paris, Arles and the Netherlands; the constant depression suffered by unstable relationships, with friends like Paul Gauguin (it is said that after a fight with him, Van Gogh decided to cut the ear); until his unconditional bond with his brother Theo, who helped him survive emotionally until he had another existential crisis, while walking in the field, shot in the chest with a pistol.


6. Pollock (2000)

Influential abstract expressionist movement great, Pollock said of the New York artistic sphere to translate into large mobile formats feelings, using spontaneous lines were influenced by the surrealist movement controller.

Despite his great talent he had a big problem with alcohol and drugs, but this was due to his bipolar disorder that bordered it to a depression that is constantly autocriticaba.

His illness, besides providing the engine for the creation of his works, was also the one that led to his death in 1955 when he ran for going under the influence of alcohol. Pollockwas directed by and starring Ed Harris.

A famous teenage artiest without hands

This girl was born with a rare disorder characterized by the absence of two arms but after a treatment course trained by a foot doctor in Mansfield and her all-out effort, she has made incredible things.


A teenage girl was born was extremely unhappy when no hands like normal people. However, this girl has strived to become a famous artist by just using her feet.

Artist painting hand-footed, Africa often - oddly, artist hand, Dejana Backo, paints by chan, strange, strange things in the world, the extraordinary ability

She used to draw foot artwork

Dejana Backo – a 19 year-old girl, has made fans surprised Backa Palanka funding in Serbia. Before that, she held a variety of exhibitions.

Known this girl tennis superstar Novak Djokovic his full support after she gave him paint a portrait.

Dejana currently studying at an art school to be able to realize her dream of professional artists.

Artist painting hand-footed, Africa often - oddly, artist hand, Dejana Backo, paints by chan, strange, strange things in the world, the extraordinary ability

Novak Djokovic drawn portrait foot state

I still have to learn a lot but I am determined that no hands does not make me fall. Everyone in life said I could not do when I was born. I did not hear anything. I just go out and do anything “- she said.

Her mother, Sandra Backo said: ” She really is a warrior. It worked even more than normal people . ”

Artist painting hand-footed, Africa often - oddly, artist hand, Dejana Backo, paints by chan, strange, strange things in the world, the extraordinary ability

Extraordinary energy of young girl

 Best viewed at 800 x 600  site under development